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01:50am 02/04/2010
Ok, so as of lately thing have been sort of, slighty been going down hill a little. My (loser) ex-husband has been clawing at me through count and trying to put me in jail. Reason is child support ( I am un-employed now) and now hospital bill ( because my son is severely handicap). And he truly does not want me around. And after our divorce in 09 he is now married again (lame). I know he is using her for her money.
Life is hard already......
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In Emotional Hell  
11:05am 29/01/2010
Most of time the guy I am living with (my boyfriend) ignores me and gives me support at all. Most of the time I just want to cry. Its like no one cares about me. Im about to lose my car and my cell is getting disconnect, and HE wont help me. I really NEED HELP!!!!!
I have a job, there not giving me any hours, so I m having to looking for another job
mood: depresseddepressed
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just me  
01:26pm 18/01/2010

mood: goodgood
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2010 People's Choice Awards  
01:13pm 18/01/2010

Favorite Movie
* Twilight

Best Movie Actor
* Johnny Depp

Best Movie Actress
* Sandra Bullock

Best Action Star
* Hugh Jackman

Best Comedic Star
* Jim Carrey

Best Breakout Movie Actress
* Miley Cyrus

Best Breakout Movie Actor
* Taylor Lautner

Best On-Screen Team
* Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, The Twilight Saga

Best Family Movie
* Up

Best Independent Movie
* Inglourious Basterds

Best Franchise
* The Twilight Saga

Best Comedy Movie
* The Proposal



Best TV Drama
* House

Best TV Comedy
* The Big Bang Theory

Best TV Drama Actor
* Hugh Laurie

Best TV Drama Actress
* Katherine Heigl

Best TV Comedy Actor
* Steve Carell

Best TV Comedy Actress
* Alyson Hannigan

Best TV Obsession
* True Blood

Best TV Talk Show
* The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Best TV Sci-fi/Fantasy
* Supernatural

Best TV Competition Show
* American Idol

Best Animal Show
* Dog Whisperer

Best New TV Drama
* The Vampire Diaries

Best New TV Comedy
* Glee


Best Male Artist (tie)
* Eminem
* Keith Urban

Best Female Artist
* Taylor Swift

Best Country Artist
* Carrie Underwood

Best Breakout Music Artist
* Lady Gaga

Best Hip-Hop Artist
* Eminem

Best Rock band
* Paramore

Best Music Collaboration
* Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West, “Run This Town”

Best R&B Artist
* Mariah Carey

Best Pop Artist
* Lady Gaga

Best Web Celeb
* Ashton Kutcher
mood: dorkydorky
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12:33am 15/12/2009

As my life pasts me by
I wonder what to do with it.
A long an lonely path i have,
why doesn't anyone notice.

An empty pit in my chest
is as dark as can be.
Sorrow rains down,
down in my very soul.

No one seems to care and
no one seems to notice.
I walk the streets in hopes
for someone to see.

To see me and love.
Sorrow has taken me,
can anyone save me.
mood: lonelylonely
music: who cares
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High school romance...what happen to it?  
10:21pm 14/12/2009
I remember when i was in school i would have this guy that was in a couple of the same classes as me and I would notice that he was looking and sometimes stare at me. Then one time the english teacher started us doing creative writing each week and the guy started to show me poems that he'd written and then he would send me little notes and messages with poetry inside, it was soo sweet and awesome and romantic.
But now days if i guy think your hot its....Hey baby whats up, wantta get laid. Lame!!!
What happen to the woo and stuff.

location: Texas, Houston
mood: crappycrappy
music: none
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Yesss, it a list  
05:22pm 05/12/2009
Ok soo as of lately i really dont care about the hoildays but I still have a list here, Yes i know it can be stupid, but its just a habit.

I would like/love the following things

Gift Cards from:
Sock Dreams
Mod Clothing
Heavy Red
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10:38pm 17/10/2009
Sometimes i just feel lost, and i dont know what to do?
mood: sadsad
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Writer's Block: Shining A Light on Inspiring Small Businesses  
07:58am 14/10/2009
Small businesses can lead us to new and better ways of working and thinking. What do you find inspiring about the small businesses in your community?

I  think its great that people are trying to do more for them self in order to survive in this day and age.
mood: impressedimpressed
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Writer's Block: Prying Eyes  
02:10am 03/07/2009
It's blockbuster season in movie theaters. What was the last movie you saw?

Yes, my step-sisters,  and I got in trouble for it.

mood: calmcalm
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